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Been waiting for my package for over two months


My tracking number is LY947755437CN, I’ve been waiting for it since the beginning of December for it to be released from customs, I’m worried it’s lost. Is there any way to know if it isn’t lost?

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Hi Gabriella,

It was returned back to the seller and the seller has got it on February 11. You couldn't receive it. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send it again to you) as soon as possible.

Number: LY947755437CN
Package status: Alert
Country: China -> United States
2022-02-11 09:27 Xi'an City, return to the proper delivery
2022-02-11 09:23 Xi'an City, [Xi'an International Branch] Arrange delivery, courier: Wang Wenjuan, Tel: 17749032612, Investment Department Tel: 15721956201
2022-02-11 09:23 Xi'an City, Arriving at Xi'an International Branch
2021-12-09 11:26 Xi'an City, [Xi'an International Mail Processing Center] has been exported directly
2021-12-07 16:24 Xi'an City, Leave 【Xi'an International Branch】,Next Stop【Xi'an International】
2021-12-07 15:40 Xi'an City, [Xi'an International Branch] has been received and sent

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