Can not track my shipment

Asked by Andre | 9/4/2017 6:14:54 AM

Tracking number RO261560636CN, I can not track my shipment & estimate deliver, Please assist

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Daisy 9/4/2017 7:54:53 PM

Hi Andre,

Here is the tracking result for your package. It left China on August 17. You may get it around September 15.

2017-08-17 11:20
Guangzhou Terminal, leave

2017-08-17 11:20
Guangzhou Terminal, left hand navigation

2017-08-15 12:33
Guangzhou, shipment

2017-08-14 17:39
Guangzhou Terminal, arrival

2017-08-12 15:05
Exchange Bureau in Guangzhou, have been exported directly

2017-08-12 09:03
Guangzhou international mail branch mail centers, have been exported to open

2017-08-09 11:49
Shanghai Exchange Bureau, have been exported to each other (internal transit)

2017-08-08 20:01
Shanghai postal express and logistics, have been exported to open

2017-08-07 09:19
Transit Bureau of Nanchang, have been exported to each other (internal transit)

2017-08-07 08:56
Nanchang postal Bureau, have been exported to open

2017-08-06 19:56
Bureau of communications, Nanchang city, away, next stop "Nam Cheong Station"

2017-08-06 19:51
Bureau of communications, Nanchang, sealing

2017-08-06 16:07
Communications, Nanchang City Council has accepted

Andre van Baalen 9/4/2017 10:17:46 PM

THANK YOU for you assistance.

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