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It has been two months, the package does not show up anywhere. Is there any way to find it? PLease, help.

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It only shows the package left China on Nov. 2nd and still in transit to Ukraine. If it arrives Ukraine, there will be information shows it arrives there.

Your package has arrived at exchange bureau of Ukraine on Dec. 20. It shows it is waiting you to pick it up. You'd better contact Ukrposhta to ask where it is now.

Tracking result:
2016-12-20 07:31
KYIV 152, 02152, Delivered to the post office

2016-12-20 06:14
KYIV LIVOBEREZHNYI POSHTАMT, 02777, Transmission for delivery

2016-12-20 01:34

2016-12-19 10:54
DOPP KYIV, 03909, Dispatching

2016-12-19 08:28
DOPP KYIV, 03909, Income

2016-12-19 01:34
KYIV MMPO, 03928, Dispatching from exchange office to Ukrainian postal facility

2016-12-18 14:44
KYIV MMPO, 03928, Transmission for customs control

2016-12-18 11:33
KYIV MMPO, 03928, Income to Ukrainian exchange office

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