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Despatch before Arrival?


Can you please help me track my package LL356811952CN ?

It arrived at GuangDongShengGuangZhouShi 51040034 on 2019-05-30 at 05:25, but it was dispatched 2 hours before from the same sorting center, at 03:03 !? Dispatch should occur after arrival, isn't it?
I have no news since 2019-05-30.

2019-05-30 03:03:28 GuangDongShengGuangZhouShi 51040034 Despatch from Sorting Center
2019-05-30 05:25:14 GuangDongShengGuangZhouShi 51040034 Arrival at Sorting Center

Thanks and have a nice day

2 Answer(s)

Don't worry about it, it left China on May 30 and on the way to Canada now. When it arrives, there will be further update. Wait patiently please.
Packet arrived at GuangDongShengGuangZhouShi center on 10/26/19. Still have not receive it ?
Tracking number: LW782353261CN

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