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I receive parcels via epacket for my business but cannot see Spain on your list of countries? I am trying to get accurate rates for sending packages from China so i can encourage my manufacturers to use this service. I am based in Tenerife, Canary islands Spain and whilst my Epacket parcels come through this is not showing on your list?....Thanks for information on pricing up to 2KG and any prohibited items ?

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Spain is the newly added country for E-packet in April, 2017. The business is still on trial. Only Beijing, Yiwu, Shenzhen City has this business at the beginning. Now, it's available in Zhejiang, Fujiang and Guangdong Provinces.

The weight limit is 2kg for each parcel.

The price is 14RMB/piece + 0.06RMB/gm

Forbidden Item List
Items with battery inside such as Mobile Phone, Walkie Talkie,Laptop, tablet,iPad etc.
Magnetic item such as headphone, earphone, speaker, amplifier, MP3, scanner etc.
Dangerous arms such as gun, pistol, bullet, knife, gun powder etc
All liquid item
All chemical items which are poisonous, inflammable, explosive and hazardous.
All items with copyright problem such as pirate CD/DVD, replica brands clothes,shoes and accessories etc.
Other illegal item such as drugs, human organ etc.

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