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possible fraud check


i received a packet yesterday that i did not order and i want to make sure my business and credit card accounts are not broken into. the sender's address is
su qing
warehouse No. 8, No. 240
Huqingping Road
Minhang District
Shanghai 200041
Could you get me a email address or phone number?
thank you

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Hi! My dad got this today too! Someone had sent him complimentary masks. If you have ever used an app like wish or aliexpress there's a chance it's a seller from there and they are just trying to be nice. Were yours masks too?
I just received a package today of masks from this same address that I never order. If it was a nice gesture they should include a note. I have been searching all over to determine how and why I would have received this and maybe not something else??
Hi steven mincin,

Sorry, we couldn't get their email address or phone number. Your credit card accounts will not broken into. Don't worry about it.
Yes its fraud i ordered a blower online on numberal company ad and got ripped off i payed 70 dollars for 2 mask. That they sent from that address fraud so if you bot from jhon Baily jonh baily anything online its probably how you got the masks and are about to get frauded
They are fraudulent buys online if its to good to be true then theres something wrong i got ripped off 70.00 usd these people are criminals get a job
I received masks from the same warehouse. I ordered a pool float from a website but I can't remember the name of it. What websites did you use that you didn't receive the correct product and the masks instead?
This is definitely fraud. They sent me masks too. What they do is send you a low value item then they use the tracking number as a way to trick systems like PayPal into thinking the items was shipped by entering that shipping number. You then have to jump thru way more hoops to get your money refunded. Time to stop ordering from cheap Chinese sites.
I received the package with the masks that I didn’t not order from the exact address up there, what do you do about it?
It’s fraud! I ordered from analytice..
I ordered from analytice and made a dispute. I hope you all earn your money back! The email from this fraudulent person with this address is leregocrewmgt@gmail
I ordered from analytice and made a dispute. I hope you all earn your money back! The email from this fraudulent person with this address is leregocrewmgt@gmail
Ordered cricut. Shipped 2 months later. Package said underwear but contained 3 masks. ABSOLUTE scam. Sent from qu sing, warehouse no.8
I ordered a gymnastics mat from aceatate club and I got scammed and got face mask
I remember ordering something that I haven't received yet. It was Citricon Termite Baitstation refills. I'm going to have to check my order status and see what's up. I just received a strange package labeled "Handkerchief" from the above address in China which contained 5 N95 masks. A friend said it could be the Chinese sending the Corona Virus through the mail. Has anyone used the masks? Did you get the Covid19? Are they safe? If people want to defraud you, all they have to do is really send a cheap handkerchief. Anyone use theirs? Safe?
Hi it’s is fraud they send you a package of useless item, mine was a hair bauble instead of a Nintendo Switch lite, they can take 3 months to ship then they have a tracking number to prove they sent it if the internet knows this why does PayPal still authorise them, they've had complaints
Hi sorry forgot to say email is useless but phone number listed under the warehouse on package is 15864320001
I received this mysterious package in the mail today that has lead me to this page. It's been over 2 months since I placed an order through Pay Pal for an item that I have never received. The package I received today containing 3 masks was from this warehouse 8 place like everyone else in the comments above me. I finally realized who it was from because it contained the same tracking number that i was given for the actual item I ordered but did not receive. Will Pay Pal refund my money? will they finally block these thieves from China?
BTW, the name of the company as it was listed for my purchase was COLDQUAR.
I ordered from hairdoy paid $70 for a machine and got 2 face mask. Fraud. Fraud. Fraud. Be aware!
We received several masks in the mail yesterday too. We are an item on 6/28 which we haven't received. I contacted paypal (we always use them) and we Immediately received an email back stating it didn't look fraudulent to them. So now we are out almost $70 too. It is really upsetting.
I too ordered from a website and was sent the wrong thing. I wasn’t sent masks but I was sent a pair of knock off ray ban sunglasses
I order a exercise machine 65 dollar they stupid send me the 4 mask I was so mad my family was so angry at right and wtf they give are cheater and they are no good i loss my money I work at night shift I hate that so much
I too ordered a large item back in march of this year. Finally received package that had tracking number. It was 3 masks. I immediately opened a dispute with paypal and was refunded my money.
STAY FAR AWAY. BOGUS, fraudulent organization. You'll just get face/dust masks and you'll wait for months. They never provide their name, address or phone number either in their emails even if you ask. The phone # on the pkg. that they sent is: 15864320001. Item is shipped from Warehouse No. 8 No.240 Shanghai. You'll then, no doubt, receive calls from a 509 area code - we were very vocal to them about the scam they're running. We looked up the 509 # and the 586 # -- its listed to a: Angolan Kwanza to Albanian Lek. Fortunately, CC refunded the money. Govt. / law enforcement should shut down their site(s). File complaint with FTC, BBB etc. and help others not to fall for it.
I've had the same today. Was sent what looked like a gold ring with a price tag of $128 but looks plastic. I think it's linked to a site I brought something from over a month ago which I put in a paypal dispute as the link for my order is no longer valid and also the email keeps bouncing back. The value on the packing says $15 USD which was about the same as the product I brought. Hopefully paypal will sort for me.
I too ordered from Turnpot, an intex pool back on 5/9/2020 and received my masks today. PayPal was quick to refund after I sent them an instant picture of the mask and packaging. Agreed need to boycott China websites or at least websites that you don’t know.
I ordered a maternity pillow and received a fake gold ring today! Not happy bloody scammers
I get a packet too yesterday - Berlin, Germany. In my packet, there was a golden ring in a red casket. I haven't ordered any ring from Shanghai. So I'm going to inform the Consumer advice Center here in Germany after I read your answers. The only thing, that i ordered from China, was a hanging curved chaise lounge chair from Yichang Guixiangyuan Food Co., Ltd. payed with Paypal. The order was 26th June 2020 and since today, there is no chair arrived. Maybe they work together to get adresses and phone numbers.
It's like Becky's case
I just receive a ring but I did not order it need to get it sorted

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