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Received wrong item


I ordered a stand mixer from this company for $72.00 and received an oil brush instead! I can't find the company or any to contact them. I want my money back, this is fraud!
604 Build 5 Shuiyunilian in
Kangheng,HEFEI,ANHUI 230000
PHONE 8613516553559

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I'm having a similar problem. I received a plastic miniature dustpan set I have ordered no such item. I ordered several items that I have yet to see and have had PayPal investigate. Fortunately PayPal has reversed the funds until the investigation is complete.
I ordered a been bag chair for 2 in Tan and received a fork !!!!!!! I would like my $20.00 back . This is fraud of the worst kind right before Christmas . Tracking # LW887498837CN VERY ANGRY !!!
I ordered 2 bean bag chairs also but paid 40$ and just got a figit spinner I also want mmy money back cant find anything but this page
Seems to me that we all got scammed. I have an investigation going on myself regarding this supposed company. I should have known it was to good to be true. I also ordered 2 bean bag chair and received so plastic spinner toy. same address:
604 Building 5 Shuiyunjian in
Kangcheng, Hefei, Anhui 230000
Phone 8613516553559
I would like to know how I too can obtain a refund! I'm even willing to send this spinner back.
What a joke...and how shameful
I received a product I never bought. I believe you were sent in an attempt to deceive me. I demand that the amount paid $ 18 be refunded to me.
Luiz Oliveira

I had the same problem. I ordered a John Deere 12 volt tractor and received a figit spinner.
I order a Kid SUV $119.00 and got a Card package for $5.00 I want my money back
Okay so I too received a dustpan in exchange for a bunk bed. I am out a lot of money. I called the FBI and they told me to go to and file a report. If enough people file a report on the same company they will go after them with a vengeance.
I bought and ithem that cost me $148.00. My big surprise I received a plastic brush... this a fraud I feel insulted, sad, worse at this time fro the holiday. Was a surprise for my kids.
The item I ordered showed a Texas address when ordered. It was a fire place, but got a rabbit from China. Has anybody else’s had the same?
My mother also bought an item .... a dollhouse for my daughter and I received today a plastic Apple that’s a peeler, it totally looks like made from China type toy that you get out of a candy machine. It was supposed to be her Xmas gift! I’d be happy to make a report on this company.
Same this has happened to me, I ordered a 30 dollar toy for my son and they sent me a travel knife. It was suppose to be my sons Christmas gift, This makes me so mad.
I've ordered a Auto-Pack Self-Cleaning Litter Box for $43.89 and I've received a dog drinking fountain. This is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be careful!!!!!! I want my money back! I will take measures!
yep, same issues as above!! shop was on shopify and after my order and the receival of the apple slicer instead of my 75 dollars of chairs they disappeared. so far I have complained to my bank, to shopify and here... where else can I go?
I would like to know how to contact this company, my husband ordered me a fireplace for 160.00 we received a spongebob fork and spoon.......same company as listed above. How can we reach them for a refund. They can have the silverware back! Tracking #LW882282660CN
I ordered a sauna. Forget the exact price. $135 or thereabouts. Super special deal slashed from $1,200. My brother and his wife have just received a cheap orange peeler from China. Not quite the same thing! If anybody has ordered a cheap orange peeler and doesn’t want a sauna perhaps they can get in touch and we can swap?
I have ordered 2 cabinets with pullout beds for almost $200 and I recieved a cheap little card wallet. I have tried emailing them. The site is no longer available. I want a refund or the items I paid for. How can I get my money back. This is a scam .
FSJZ-Cen Jia Yu
604 Build 5 Shuiyunjian in
Kangcheng ,HEFEI, ANHUI 230000
I too ordered a self cleaning litter box and received a dog water bowl. This is fraud and I’m taking it up with PayPal.
Hi there I too was scammed with this company. I ordered a HD projector slim line £150 I got a cardboard smartphone projector although sum what close. no where near what the item I ordered. I must admit reading all your comments did give me a little giggle. Sorry we all got scammed particularly those ordering for Christmas. I’ll be contacting PayPal
I ordered a vest $68 extra large but received a small size, I need a refund, doesn't even looked like $68, please help meto get their information to contact them, I have 8613516553559, cant get a hold of them
604 Build 5 Shuiyynjuan in Kangcheng, HEDEI, ANHUI 230000
I have order car seats stroller $57 for my daughter and I received today a plastic Apple that’s a peeler package for $5.00 I want my money back, this is fraud!
604 Build 5 Shuiyunilian in
Kangheng,HEFEI,ANHUI 230000
PHONE 8613516553559
I ordered a rabbit hutch and got a plastic bag. I am super upset. The bank has issued a temporary refund while they investigate.
I was sent a $4980.00 Dior belt, that I did not order, and I have alerts on all cards for charges over $100, so not sure what's going on, weird part it was delivered to my sister's house in my name.I called Dior 800 number and they were super nice and told in it was definetly a SCAM!!!
I order the 11'x18.5' outdoor shed. I received a camping knife I could have bought for a dollar not $139. I also purchased a cabinet bed that transforms into a queen size bed and got a comb also could have purchased for a dollar not $117. If this was a mistake please correct it by either Deming me my merchandise or refund my money of $256. I have done business with other retailers in your country and have always received what I ordered.
I forgot to mention the order numbers for shed #1006 and bed #1987.
They scam my or what I ordered pc4 I receive empty bag can I get help
I can't remember what I brought because it christmas!
I think it was a hand printer $30
And I got a stamp! Winning
I have fallen for this as well. I ordered a PS4 bundle for my 3 sons for Christmas. I paid $99. That was basically their only gift for Christmas, as I'm a single mom with very low income. I am so bummed and incredibly pissed off! I will speak with my bank. I didn't order through PayPal. I too will visit the above mentioned site and file a complaint.

I ordered on black Friday Dollhouse at a good price as it seemed to me the truth was very strange it seemed that I was charged 10 euros more than came out on the account after a while I came track number which was tracked throughout the path of the parcel unfortunately I did not get the house but came charming pendant cost 50 cents no more. it's only half bad the day before yesterday I got a call from my Bank and reported that on my card Bank tried to make purchases you're the people from whom I bought this house .don't buy it scammers
Also ordered a bean bag chair for $19.90 and got a $1 credit card holder I didn't order. ID LOVE TO HAVE INVESTIGATION but dont know how so I am reporting here.

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