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Wrong item


My parcel number LX181954348CN come wrong item

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You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible in this case. The carrier could do nothing for the wrong item.

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please held me to refund money back..this parcel wrong addres and wrong item not same


I ordered some item on DHgate.
My tracking no is LZ206527609CN.
My address Unit 203d, 26 point st, pyrmont, NSW 2009.
But my item went to Vic. I went to wrong place.
How can i fix this?

Ordered delviered to wrong address. (2 replies)

Your item was delivered to an individual at the address at 12:32 pm on June 28, 2021 in SUN PRAIRIE, WI 53590. The item was signed for by S BOYCE. This is the wrong address order number is Item Name: RY5222717
correct address is W5697 CO RD G
RIO, WI 53960

Wrong item (1 reply)
Wrong item (1 reply)

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