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LX 953333353CN where is the item.


I am an eBay buyer. According to your tracking information this item has been returned to the seller on 23/6/2016. I have not received any item and would like to find out where is the item. Tracking number LX953333353CN
Thank you
John Sun

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Hi John,

It shows the package has been returned back on June 23 14:08 Yuan Jiang Yuan delivery office, Dongguan City. The person who sent it is Cai Jiadong. His phone number is 18820607574.

You'd better call 11185 to reflect your problem. If you need English service, please press 8 after dialing the number.
LX202165816CN look for this paracel a lot of time passed nothing arrived
Hi mike,

LX202165816CN is sent by ePacket, it usually takes about 15 days to reach Israel. Your parcel left China on Nov. 2. You'd better wait for another week to see if you could get it.
but it was send on 24 of October !

on 2 of November it left china so it is much more than 15 days
Can you please track this LX280883855CN.
Its over 30 days!!!
Hi Eb,

The latest tracking results show it has been sent to the customs on March 17. It often takes one or two months to receive the parcel. If you still haven't received it after two months, you can open a dispute to the site where you bought the item to ask your money back.

Good luck
How often do you update the delivery status?
Does it take 2 month totally?

Kind regards
Yes, it often takes one or 2 months totally, depending on the destination. We are not the official site of China Post, so we only show their tracking information and update with theirs.
Hello, i received this tracking number (LX372369306CN) for an item i bought 16 days but i can't seem to be able to get any information about it. Can you please help me?
Hi Virtus,

You'd better ask for the seller to track it for you. This tracking number has no information in China Post tracking system. If he couldn't provide you with the tracking information. I think he hasn't sent it in real.
I ordered a package from China (LX457489030CN) awhile ago and haven't had any updates on the package for over a week. Its going to Australia
Hi Kyle,

It's on the way to Australia now. It usually takes 15 days to 30 days to reach.

2017-08-31 02:54 -- Suzhou city, leave sent to Melbourne City, Suzhou city (transit)
2017-08-29 09:16 -- Wuxi, Jiangyin City business has been received
Dear all
Can you check these numbers i got no response from the side

Thank you
Xie xie
Manuela from the netherlands
Hi Rstrauss2016,

There is no tracking information for LX515200571CN and LX518167438CN at present. The sender hasn't sent them out now.

LX509782144CN was just sent on October 8:
2017-10-08 20:18 --Beijing, Beijing sent express post international branch collection Center has been received
can you track the package LX523214419CN, please?
Hi BrunoJ,

There is no information for your package. Possible reasons are as follows:
1: The carrier has not yet received your package.
2: The carrier has not yet entered the tracking information for your package.
3: The tracking number is invalid.
Just received my parcel which I requested for a refund as found out they are scammers and they sent me wrong items and won't refund. Now I need their postcode which wasn't on the ePacket parcel
Hi Kerri-Ann,

What's the address of the seller?
Trying to find out where my package is. Tracking info: LY401786955CN says it is waiting to be picked up by carrier, however, when ordered, website indicated 10-12 days. I ordered 6-30-18. Please advise as soon as possible.
A Thomson
Hi Ronald,

There is no information for LX776786039CN at present. The sender may hasn't sent it. You'd better contact the sender to ask or wait two days to check again.
Hi ahthomson,

LY401786955CN is an e-packet tracking number. Although the website indicated 10-12 days, it couldn't be reached in 12 days in fact. In most case it takes a month for you to get it. The sender sent it on July 7 and it's still in transit to your country now. Wait patiently.
Hi could you please give me some information for my tracking number?

Thanks you

anyone know where this is? Been a long time now

anyone know where this is? Been a long time now
Hello there,

Can someone help me if this tracking number is real: LX141117806CN?
I’ve contacted the seller through PayPal because I’ve already made dispute. They kept telling me kindly please wait but I’m a bit worry because this might scam.
Thanks for your help in advance!
Hi Hello,

LX141117806CN has no tracking information. The seller may hasn't shipped it for you. I suggest you contact the seller to ask for the reason.
i would like to know where is my parcel.
can anyone help me check?
Hi visionkhoo,

There is no tracking information for LX097892787CN at present. Possible reasons:
1. The sender just gave you a tracking number but hasn't shipped it.
2. It's just sent and need two or three days to have tracking information.

You'd better contact the seller to confirm for the reason.
I can’t find any information on my item coming through China post
Tracking number lx143222851cn

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