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Unsolicited package received, with possible fraudulent activity.


I have received a package that I did not order. In it was a cheap gold ring, priced at $128, in a purple velvet box. It was sent from:
su qing
warehouse No. 8, No. 240
Huqingping Road
Minhang District
Shanghai 200041
Having read some of the comments about packages being sent from this address, I am very worried that my paypal account or debit card account has been broken into, and that I will be charged for something I did not order. Please advise as to who I can contact to make sure this does not happen. I intend to contact the Fraud Squad in the UK, so any information you can give me on this company will be gratefully received.

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I have recieved a package from china I havent ordered it's a gold ring with a price tag of 128$
Who do I report to
S x
I’ve received a parcel gold ring in a cream box 128$label on it that I did not order.

I’m concerned that my details are being used and possible fraud could be taking place .

Please can you advise who I can discuss this with to work our what’s going on

Regards Satvinder
We have had a gold ring with a $128 price tag on it delivered today exactly as the OP describes as well. I'm assuming that it is fake, we certainly didnt order it. Having read answers from google search relating to this, there seems to have been 2 others similar, 1 with fake raybans and another with a face mask, all coming from the same person and address. We have only bought 1 item recently which turned out to be a scam and that was through paypal and they have already refunded us so this is baffling. If anyone has any info please share ASAP
I received the same ring in a purple box yesterday, I originally ordered a patio umbrella,. When this packet arrived it had the same tracking reference number they sent me for the umbrella, again I have paid through PayPal, reported into them waiting for reponse
i have recieved a parcel from shanghai with a ring with a 128$ label in a velvet box that have not ordered. All my details on the packaging are correct. This is alarming that someone has my details. What can i do about this?
I received a gold ring i havnt ordered from you on the 29 7 2020. The delivery code is LX201547805CN Could you please check as i dont need it thankyou.
I received a package today which i did not order. It contained a grey velvet box with a cheap gold ring in it that had a price tag of 128$
The senders address is:
Su qing, warehouse no 8, no 240 huqingping road, minhang district, shangai and phone number 15864320001. I do not want to be charged for something i did not order. What do i do? Please advise. Thanks
I too have received a fake gold ring with a $128 price tag on it from the same person in Shanghai. If anyone finds an answer I'd be interested to know whether this is just for their fake reviews or I should be cancelling all my bank cards.

Thank you.
Received a package with gold ring with 128$ price tag I did not order ring so need to find out what's going on. Do I need to inform paypal as I don't want to pay for something I don't want
I have also received one of these packages. This had my mobile phone number as part of address. Look like a new phone number for me.
Will be contacting Trading Standards and Customs & Excise as this appears to be fraudulent as listed as household item worth $15.00 On CN22.
Ive recieved a package with a ring in red box idid not order this . Alot of people are receiving these rings , ihope my paypal as not been breeched. Please advice what to do
Ive recieved a package with a ring in red box idid not order this . Alot of people are receiving these rings , ihope my paypal as not been breeched. Please advice what to do
Hi Susan todhunter,

It may be a Brushing Scam. It's sent by sellers in China to boost the seller's ratings by creating fake orders. They usually ship an inexpensive product to an unwitting receiver and then submitting positive reviews on the product.
I received two packages for rings I did no order. Please can you confirm if anything can be done about this. I have checked my cards and there does not appear to be any illegal activity. Please advise what to do.
The same thing here, in Spain. Yesterday afternoon I have received a cheap "golden" ring with a price tag, 128 US dollars, despite having ordered 3 items over a "Facebook" ad, being charged with 71 Euros.
I have also received one of these ring,, it seems they are shipping them to people that have ordered something else, and people are not getting the goods ordered, only this ring, its a scam
I ordered an Patio Umbrella, and when I chased up to the whereabouts it was, I tracking reference number was forwarded to me. Then I received this ring, and guess what the same Tracking reference, so If youve ordered something from a social media site, im afraid youve been scammed. I also paid via paypal, and they are in the proceeds of sorting it out. Hope this helps.
I ordered an Ebike but received this $128 ring, can not contact them!
Hi All,
I have also received a package this morning, containing a cheap gold ring, priced at $128, in a grey velvet box.
I actually ordered a countertop ice dispenser which I paid $45.87 for

Please advise me of how I get my money back as the shop is no longer available online
We also received a cheap gold ring with a "$128" tag on it. We tried to contact the number on the package but it is now out of service. Please let us know if your fraud applications were resolved.
Same story: ordered 2 sun loungers from Facebook. Nothing arrived for a couple of months then a gold ring in a red velvet box, price tag $128 turns up with same tracking info. Currently going through PayPal dispute centre to try and obtain a refund.
We have also been scammed! We ordered a Patio umbrella on 12th July, the Paypal transaction shows that the item was posted on 4th August and this morning we have received the same ring mentioned numerous times above (US$128) there is no paperwork enclosed and you have to look carefully to find the tracking number on the package to relate to who this was sent from. This company is clearly fraudulent and conning many many people. We have raised a query with Paypal and are awaiting the response from them.
I had a deli very today with a cheap gold ring $128.00 on the tag. I had tried to order 2 gravity chairs but after 2 weeks never came and cancelled it with my bank. An email showed it was from Wuhan, China. Also mentioned being paid by PayPal but was taken out of my account. Never Again!
Also had a delivery today of a gold ring which was tagged $128.00. Don't want it. Didn't order it
I just received a ring with a price tag of 128$ (sic) which was unsolicited as well. hey, China -- what is up with that?
Hi ScruzDoll,

It should be a brushing scam.
I also received a gold ring in a blue velvet box with a price tag of $128 that I didn't order. Minneapolis, MN
Hi I've received a gold ring fake from this company I would like my money refunded as I did not order this so would like the money refunded to my bank as I won't leave this at that I will take this a lot further
i received a gold ring instead a pool vacuum cleaner with 128$ price !
I too have recieved a stupid ring too...looks like you are supporting this fraudulent act, as you have not replied to any questions above ? I too have sent message to police and trading standards.....
Received a gold ring I did not order, what do I do?

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