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Unsolicited package received, with possible fraudulent activity.


I have received a package that I did not order. In it was a cheap gold ring, priced at $128, in a purple velvet box. It was sent from:
su qing
warehouse No. 8, No. 240
Huqingping Road
Minhang District
Shanghai 200041
Having read some of the comments about packages being sent from this address, I am very worried that my paypal account or debit card account has been broken into, and that I will be charged for something I did not order. Please advise as to who I can contact to make sure this does not happen. I intend to contact the Fraud Squad in the UK, so any information you can give me on this company will be gratefully received.

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I recieved a gold looking ring with Aries written . I had bought a hand gesture remote control car from Facebook sponsored ad a while back for which I never got any invoice in my email , and I was dumb enough to not use paypal. Bit worried
Mother-In-Law ordered me a blue yoga matt got a fake cartier ring!
Emailed and will be getting money back one way or another!

It may be a scam. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible. If the seller doesn't reply you, try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back.
I have also received an unsolicited package of a mens wallet.
The sender's address is:
Zuchang-hm, 14th floor, Hongan Int., No. 84 jinyang street,
Xiaodian District
Taiyuan, Shang xi, 03000 China
Phone 8618669826621
Tracking Number is:
I can't find any payment history
match to this amount on my PayPal accounts.
But I didn't order this cheap 2 Euro item, I have ordered a baby duck fence for 60 Euro.
Can anyone tell me the name of the company? So far I’ve received 3 boxes of Teeth Whiteners and today a cheap plastic Ukelele. I’d love to know the name of the company. I have been told in the past that I’ve received my order, with tracking number, which should have been totally different items. These have been from different companies, all in China. Boycott online sales from China. It’s the only way.
I ordered wiggle wire and lock channels for green house for $100 and received a cheap bracelet from following address :
No, 48 Jinyang Street
Xiaodian District,

Taiwan, taiyuanshi, shangxishe
030000 China
Phone: 8618039073132
It's scam and they are cheating .

Beware and complain
I have received a small envelope from the same company. However mine came with a flimsy string like bracelet which is probably worth less than a dollar but valued on the envelope as $15USD. I will follow this up with a paypall dispute. I ordered some bershka brown flares from what was supposed to be Spain.
The sender's adress.
No. 84, Jinyang Street,
Xiaodian District,
Taiyuan, taiyuanshi, shangxisheng 030000
PHONE: 8618039073132
I just received sunglasses from the same address, I didn’t not order them
I also received a pair of cheap sunglasses from the same address. I have not ordered them, nor do I see any suspicious payment from my account, or any order I am waiting for. Strange to say the least!

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