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Which address in UK parcel LO687122491CN was delivered to? I haven't received it


I purchased an item from e-bay. But the seller is a fraud. They fabricated a fake tracking for my order and a fake proof of delivery to say it was delivered to my home. My tracking does not tell me which address it was delivered to? This is surely 100% an organised scam gang committing serious fraud to steal people's money. I sent a message to seller and filed a dispute with Paypal. But no reply from seller. This was a gift for my family member and nearly 2 months later now I can't wait no more. It never came through. I want my order or my money back as soon as possible. I hate these fraud sellers.
Can you please tell me the address where it was delivered to?

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Hi morshe007,

Sorry, the detailed address couldn't be know. You can contact Royal Mail to ask if they could provide you the address they delivered to.

Paypal will refund you if you don't receive it.
Where is my order? And when will I receive it?
My tracking number is LZ049066121CN

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