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Shipping not yet received


Hello i send the packet from Indonesia to shenzhen china from August 2020 the packet not yet recieved can you help me to processed and track my packet the code EE209005615ID until now the packet still not yet recieved please help me to procesed and give me some information

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Hi Yenni,

It has been stuck at the customs since August 25. It may need the receiver to declare. You need to let the receiver in China call China customs service number 12360 to check what he needs to do to get it released.
Hello... for tracking number EE209005615ID ....I called 12360 today, this is the customs telephone, but they told me that I should find the post office, I called the post office again, the post office said that your parcel was at the receiving point of customs, but did not enter customs inspection, I will continue to track it......I hope to find this package, but no one can tell me its exact location......They all thought the package was in customs, and no one could tell me how to get it....So where do I have to call ?? please don't complicate me ... thank you

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