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Has my package made it to the USA? Where is my package?

Asked by Greg | 2/10/2020 9:24:12 AM

China Post Tracking number UM331213162CN - Today is February 10, 2020. How do I track my order when it reaches the USA? What were the issues in customs between 26 JAN and 06 FEB ?

08 FEB 2020
Outbound Flight Departed Zhengzhou, Henan, China 2:29 AM

07 FEB 2020
Export processing 郑州国际处理中心 2:15 AM
Completion of customs processing Zhengzhou, Henan, China 2:15 AM

06 FEB 2020
Issues in processing by customs authorities Zhengzhou, Henan, China 1:55 AM

26 JAN 2020
Outbound Flight Departed Zhengzhou, Henan, China 10:06 AM

25 JAN 2020
Outbound Flight Departed Zhengzhou, Henan, China 9:35 AM

23 JAN 2020
Export processing 郑州国际处理中心 9:35 PM

21 JAN 2020
Dispatched from sorting center Zhengzhou Shi, Henan Sheng, China 8:36 AM
Arrived at sorting center Zhengzhou, Henan, China 3:48 AM

19 JAN 2020
Parcel data submitted to carrier 1:01 AM

5 Answer(s)

Daisy 2/10/2020 11:50:44 PM

Hi Greg,

It's returned back on Feb. 7 as it didn't pass the security check. It's sent again on Feb. 8. You need to wait for more days to see if it could leave China successfully.

BFTZ 3/18/2020 10:19:18 AM

Status of LW556776329CN?
Hello, my package LW556776329CN says processed through export + departed Shenzhen Intl Airport to JFK Airport on March 10, 2020 (03/10/2020). Can you tell me if it has arrived at US yet? Thanks!

Daisy 3/19/2020 3:36:58 AM


No, it's still in transit to the US now.

LISA 4/24/2020 8:49:03 PM

LS303603578CN Can you please tell me where my package is? It has not updated anything since the 10th. Is it still in China?

alicenekochan1 11/13/2020 6:08:38 PM

Is my package lost? (LY480248571CN)

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