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I want to send the item from Gaunzhou to Yangon(Myanmar). Is there a surface mail from border to Myanmar? I want to send a car headlight

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Hi Wai Yan,

You'd better go to your nearest post office to ask if surface is available to Myanmar now.

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To whom it may concern,
Im looking for any info on my package, (tracking number LO832921546CN)
its been over a month now and tracking still says:
2020-03-09 17:04 SHANGHAI (CN), International departure - enroute to Australia
this is un acceptable to me and i would like any info asap.
Thanks, Matt

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how long does it take from time leaves china,
saying tracking info expired? does that mean it expired in china and its here in US now. I am so confused. It left china on sept 6. USPS hasnt updated info.. please advise.

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LP00481396316943= tracking# Order# =AQ452406603CN. The seller and the tracking info says that the package was handed over to the delivery company but that is not the case. USPS has not received this package contrary to the tracking info.

The last info I was able to find was that it was in Compton, CA and that was on November 29th!! Just wondering what needs to be done to get you to actually hand the package over to USPS like your tracking info says. Please lmk if you need anything from me to make this happen! In the meantime I'd appreciate knowing why it's been being held for a whole month with no word/or movement.

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