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Item delivered that was not purchased.


I received a backpack I did not order from
604 Bldg5
Shuiyunjian in Kangcheng.
PHONE 8613516553559
I believe this is an attempt at extortion. Please arrange to have the product picked up and removed from my premises and returned to sender.

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I received a fidget spinner and the only thing I have ordered that I have not received for Christmas presents was a ride on green tractor with a wagon. I think I was scammed and have reported this to the credit card company I used.
Order the item for $89 and got a oil 99 cent oral brush in its place these people are big-time scamming everybody the phone number is not a working number the address just there is no address it just shows that it's nothing is nothing nothing's real about these people not even the email address for Maria or whoever is doing it so be aware everybody these people are big-time scamming and it only takes a few minutes or a few months maybe few weeks they'll end up more during and taking your money out of your account
I also received an item (rabbit cell phone holder) that I did not order. I had purchased an item ($19.99) that I can no longer access the company online, but the company (from what I can access) was out of the Ukraine. I know that I was scammed that way, but have no idea of this sender.
Same thing to me.. a SCAM. No way to figure it out other than let VISa handle it.
604 Bldg5
Shuiyunjian in Kangcheng.
PHONE 8613516553559

Made order on Nov.10 2019 for a $59.99 purchase of a sofa to bunk bed. You got your money right away, and you send a $1 Mini Dustpan set. I want my money back or the product. Reporting to authorities now
Tony Vaughn 12-11-2019. I received a item from fsjz-cenjiayu and i did not order this item somewhere in china scam no way to contact this company.I will have to closed my acct. at bank and re-open new one with a different acct.# so they can not get anymore of my money. I will ask my credit card co. to block and transactions from this co.f#$king thieves.
i to ordered a sofa for almost $60 and recieved a cell phone holder im pist
Alert: also received a package I did not order from:
604 Build 5 Shulyunjian
Kangcheng, HEFEI, ANHUI
Phone: 8613516553559

Beware - they get your credit card and charge high dollars on it and send a small item in the mail. I received a potato peeler. Turning into authorities now.
Received package I did not order. I want to know how this item was paid for because I did not authorize payment for item. Tracking #LW881303045CN.
I received package I didn't order. It was free I'm sure. But I need to know how it was paid for; LW881303045CN. Tracking number
I bought roller coasters and took money out of my account but didnt get tracking numbers didnt get my orders I bought 2 of them for total 59.80
I also just received a package with a tripod I have never ordered. Same seller as described for the others above.
Same thing as all of you...ordered a video game for $99 and got a NAIL TRIMMER SET!!!
I also received an item that I did not order and I have no way to reach them. Very weird.
Received a credit card holder. Not what I ordered. I want my money back!
Received the wrong item also. China. I hope Trump gets you
I received a potato peeler. I'm guessing this was the $35 OMG doll house I ordered. I had a feeling it was a scam.
My mom ordered a frosty the snow man chrostmas decoration for outside. 130.00! She got a potato peeler instead.
Finally received the item I ordered 2 months ago . Ordered an overcoat. in medium. It is extremely small. How can I get a return shipping label and either a refund or a much larger size?
Hi Susan Mikuletzky,

You need to contact the seller to ask if they agree and ask for the shipping address from them.

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