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Location of package


Hi, need the Australia post tracking number for a China post tracking number AQ521079089CN, it’s been stuck at the same location for 20 days. What will be the eta? Or the location so I can chase it up with Australia post

Australia, mail in transit
2021-08-20 15:41
Australia, mail in transit
2021-08-18 15:41
Australia, mail in transit
2021-08-14 15:41
Australia, mail in transit
2021-08-10 15:41
Australia, mail in transit
2021-08-04 15:41
Australia, arrive in Australia
2021-07-30 16:43
Dongguan City, arrived at the Dongguan Express Processing Center
2021-07-30 16:43
Dongguan City, leaving the Dongguan International Business Department, the next stop (Shenzhen City)
2021-07-30 15:54
Dongguan City, "Dongguan Internation

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Hi Derrick,

You need to contact the seller to check if there is another tracking number to track it.
I am waiting for package tracking number is AS750591344CN can you tell me if it is a real tracking number

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