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Meaning of status


I do not understand the meaning of below. Thank you.

Destination: China
Optional("2018-06-11 10:24") Shenzhen processing Center, has imported mutual seal (at home by the turn)
Optional("2018-06-11 10:20") Transfer to Customs
Optional("2018-06-11 08:47") Shenzhen, imported open and demolition
Optional("2018-06-07 16:49") Beijing processing Center, has imported mutual seal (domestic)
Optional("2018-06-07 14:09") BEIJING, the import has been opened and dismantled

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It means it didn't pass the customs check and will be returned back to the sender. You'd better contact the sender to give you a feedback.
has been reached to arrive
in Los Angeles
arrive outside the transit bureau
arrived [United States] secondary processing center
Hi Kevin K,

It's at the U.S. Secondary Processing Center now. You'd better try to contact USPS to check it. If they couldn't find it, contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible:

2019-09-09 00:57
U.S., Arrival at The U.S. Secondary Processing Center

2019-09-09 00:57
United States, Arrival abroad

2019-09-08 09:44
Los Angeles, reached the place of arrival

2019-09-05 21:00
Airline departure

2019-09-04 13:50
Beijing, delivered to air transport

2019-09-02 11:52
Chengdu, International Mail Processing Center has been exported directly

2019-09-02 11:32
Chengdu, International Mail Processing Center has been exported directly

2019-09-01 16:29
Dazhou, leave the postal Dazhou Tongchuan District bulk mail collection, the next station "Chengdu International Mail Processing Center"

2019-09-01 16:20
Dazhou, "Post Dazhou Tongchuan District Bulk Mail Collection" has received, agent: Li Wei

2019-08-30 20:58
Logistics order created

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