My package is in: delivered to airline

Asked by Francesco Pranovi | 11/19/2019 2:34:58 PM

hi, my package with code: RV243277397CN is in the state: delivered to the airline, what does it mean? is it in transit for Italy? when will i get home? thanks.

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Ben 11/19/2019 8:45:09 PM

Usually orders from China leave on airplanes via EPacket. This is a way for airlines to generate extra revenue selling empty space on their cargo planes. EPacket deliveries are all bundled together and given a universal track numb until the packa arrives to your country and has cleared customs. Onc your country's post has the package, a new track number will be generated and should update within a day or so.

Francesco Pranovi 11/20/2019 1:35:07 AM

so now it's coming to my country? or should I wait for the tracking to be updated to: departed from the airport?

Daisy 11/20/2019 2:01:39 AM

It's coming to your country now. There will be further update when it's in Italy.

Erica 6/25/2020 2:31:57 PM

My package says delivered to airline and it hasn’t updated in 40 days. It’s been in trans for almost 60 days 2 months . 54 days to be exact. Can u tell me where my package is and how much longer to I have to wait ?? LS325624685CN This is my tracking number . LS325624685CN

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