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My parcel showing in tracking information but still not received?


Hii I am Hardik few days ago I purchase same item online purchase in China.they give tracking number but this number China not valid tracking in canada

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Tracking ID no. CM419783481IN
Hii as I'm checking the information about my parcel it's showing that the parcel is in Guangzhou at Jan 17 but further from Jan 17 there's no update about the parcel where it is. So can u plz tell me at present where it is?

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My parcel is showing as delivered but I haven't received it yet and no one's name is showing in the delivery, it says it has been delivered in Karachi. This is my tracking number AS838498647CN where is my package please tell me

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Hello, please help me I sent a parcel from the United Kingdom Tracking Number: RU744750072GB and when I track it on China Post it says it has been delivered, however the person the parcel is for tells me they have not received it
Could you please provide me with more information to prove the parcel has been received
Thank you

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