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my shein package has said shipped for 8 days now


there is no update since the 27th and hasnt moved. tracking number; 1ZA159001207121713

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Hi charity6614,

I could only get the following information. You'd better contact the seller to ask why.

2021-12-27 01:08 US, Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.

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Hey! I ordered stuff on SHEIN on the 26th of June. On the 29th it said order was shipped, currently it’s at the ‘international warehouse final package sterilization and inspection completed, package shipped’. But the it’s been like that since the 29th meaning it’s already been there for 8 days now. Would like to know where it is?
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Thank you! Kind regards.

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Last update from shein website is that it was shipped on June 13, 2021 and there has been no update since. I am also unable to find any tracking info with the given tracking no. AEG1315722 . I am starting to think I have been scammed as the estimated delivery time is in 2 days and yet still no update since it has been shipped.

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Hi there, I order some clothes from SHEIN last week , and I am quite worried that some of my orders may be stuck because they haven’t move from “International Warehouse Final package completed, package shipped” in 7 days when others only spent 1 day there . My tracking number is: 420481449205590285272027489965

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