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Ngakur nigeria


My parcel was sent from Canada with the tracking number CC234445273CA
When I tracked it, it’s shows
“Item has arrived at the delivery office in the destination country
Ngakur, Nigeria”
“Dispatch for delivery delayed on recipients request”

5 Answer(s)

It's delivered by Nigerian Post. You'd better contact them to check it.

Latest tracking information for CC234445273CA:
2019-09-27 12:43 - Nigeria, Item on hold at recipient's request
Can I have NIPOST contact number please
2019-09-30 01:49 - AKURE,Nigeria, Item successfully delivered
Please, my parcel is been deliver to NGAKUR, Mrs oriade. Where is NGAKUR? and how can I contact them
I got a phone sent from UK its shows unsuccessful at NGAKUR? PLS HOW CAN I CONTACT NKAGUR? HELP A BROTHER PLEASE

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