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No update for a month?


Hi for how many days should I wait for an update on my parcel I am checking other packages and their parcels deliver and mine is stuck is there a delay? If there is a delay for how many days should I wait for an update or even a delivery. I am getting bored I need this parcel. Tracking number RE020339549CN. It has been 33 days in transit!

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Hi xdFares,

It has left China on March 3 and is in transit to Saudi Arabia now. It should be in Saudi Arabia now. Due to the coronavirus, it may be delayed. You'd better wait for more days to see. If you couldn't receive it before the delivery deadline, you'd better contact the seller to get a solution or open a dispute on AliExpress to get refund.
Thanks for answering but what is the delivery deadline
I think I saw on AliExpress within 60 days is that delivery deadline?
Daisy should I be worried will it arrive or will it not is it normal?
Hi xdFares,

It's normal now. You'd better check the delivery deadline on AliExpress and if you couldn't receive it before the date, you should open a dispute or contact the seller to get a solution.

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