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Not properly cast


I have a small problem. my package was sent from Shenzhen but yesterday I got this update

Fri, Feb 05, 2016 15:19
Not properly cast [United Kingdom]

I bought the product but there is my friend's address on package (I'm from Poland, She's from UK)

What should I do now? Is it for sure in UK? Where can she pick up the package? (She's from London) Does she need anything to get the package? (I bought the product on Amazon)

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Was the phone number you left for the seller the one your friend has? Have you told her you wrote the wrong address and let her to pick for you?

Could you offer the tracking number here? It seems your friend didn't accept it.
Apparently the number that was in the address I used on Amazon didn't have one number. I told her about the package status but I think the address is right. After searching the address Google shows the exact building.

Tracking ID: LX932025238CN
Ok so I used Parcel Force site instead cuz it was one other CP tracking site and it says that the package is in Leyton PDO and that they tried to deliver it

Status: Delivery attempted
A delivery was attempted for your item with reference LX932025238CN in LEYTON PDO before 15:19 on 05/02/16.
If the addressee does not collect it or make an arrangement to have it redelivered, it will be returned to the sender in the UK.

It shows:
A delivery was attempted for your item with reference LX932025238CN in LEYTON PDO before 15:19 on 05/02/16.

But the delivery was failed. You'd better contact United Kingdom(Parcelforce) to redeliver.
I ordered a couple of products and have not received them. I placed the order last month. It says not properly cast so I’m really confused at this point the tracking number is LL023495843CN
Hi Sim,

You'd better contact Royal Mail as soon as possible to check it for you.
I ordered a package from china 10 days ago and have been tracking it and today the parcel status changed to 2019-08-12 07:05 Not properly cast what does this mean.
The tacking number is LO025957954CN
Hi EB,

The delivery was failed on August 12. You'd better contact Royal Mail to ask for the reason as soon as possible. Or, it will be returned back.
Can someone help. I have this:-
Delivery Attempted - No Answer -- not properly cast

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