On the way to Putian

Asked by Max | 8/18/2017 9:14:20 AM

Tracking Number: 69113675888

My parcel has been stuck on, on the way to Putian since august 8th. The date of the delivery was supposed to be 11th of august according to amazon. Is there a way to see where it is?

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Daisy 8/18/2017 6:00:12 PM

69113675888 belongs to a China Post small packet plus. It's not registered, so China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it especially when it leaves China. This is the reason that you couldn't see further information in tracking system. It's impossible for this kind of packet to reach with in a month. It usually takes two or three months to reach.

Shon 4/3/2020 7:05:10 PM

Can you please give me info on my
Package. Ive been waiting for quite some time.

Daisy 4/3/2020 9:34:51 PM

Hi Shon,

It's sent by Yun Express. Here is the tracking information available:
Number: YT2006921272029727
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-03-23 15:15, PUTIAN, Shipment has been processed in operational center
2020-03-21 20:38, PUTIAN, Arrived at Sort Facility PUTIAN
2020-03-09 10:30, Shipment information received

Cenk 1/4/2021 7:49:19 AM

Can you give me some information about my package. I have been waiting for a long time.

Daisy 1/4/2021 8:44:02 PM

Hi Cenk,

It was received by airline on Dec.21 and usually takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in Turkey after it was received by airline. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.

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