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I'm trying to return an item and need to know if the address is correct.



My wife purchased an item and we need to return it. The seller sent us his return address like this
"China fujian putian city residences area dragon bridge north 88 mill street lane (Mr. Wang)"
Is the correct way to write the address:
Mr Wang
88 Mill street lane, Dragon Bridge North
Residences Area, Putian City
351100 Fujian

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The address is not so clear. You should contact the seller and ask him the place where he locates is Dragon Bridge Residences Area or Beimo Residences Area.

By the way, you should let him tell you his phone number. This is a must when you fill the express form. In China, when the courier delivers the package, he will contact the receiver first by phone and ask him to pick it up near his place. If you don't fill the contact phone number, the courier is hard to get connected with the seller.

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