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Package is claimed to be delivered but hasn’t and no updated tracking info.


Tracking Number: LY205693437CN
I have been experiencing two issues with this package. First, ever since May 15th I have not received an updated on it. It’s been more than a month since I received the notification that it left China. Second, the app that I ordered the package off of - AliExpress - claims that the package was delivered June 24th, 2020. That was never the case and tracking still has it not even in America. What’s happening?

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Hi LillianLark,

It's not delivered on June 24. May be the date is the buyer's protection date. It has expired the date. It's still in transit to the US and hasn't arrives. To my experience, it should be reached in recent 10-20 days. Wait for more days to see.

Your order from Lysol has been shipped. EUB tracking number: LY457295250CN
When tracked it shows delivered in New York on 9/29 and I live in Louisiana. What do I do ?
Hi Kdykes,

If it's delivered to a wrong address. Possible reasons are:
1. The seller gives you a wrong tracking number.
2. The seller filled the address by mistake.
3. USPS sent it to the wrong address by mistake.

You need to contact the seller or USPS to check for the reason as soon as possible. If you couldn't receive it, the seller should give you a solution at last.

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