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Package looping for a month


Greetings. My package (LZ625557215CN) has been stuck in an endless loop for roughly a month now. It has been "returned" no less than twelve times. Any chance someone could check what's going on, mark it somehow, and get it out of the loop, please? Thanks.

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Hi Shawn_PT,

It couldn't be left China in the past days. It should me normal now. You'd better track it in the following days to see. There should be update when it arrives in Portugal.

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My package has been looping between exported directly sealed and security return from 3 april until today, 21 may in Shenzehn and is showing no signs of existing the loop, that's 6 weeks of looping. It was supposed to take a few working days airmail, instead this process. Please change your system you don't want to always be thought of as the world's worst postal service do you?

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Dear all of china post staffs,
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Best regards.

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My package is looping in wuhan, tracking on track 17 changes all the time, sometimes it updates as security note. Return. Then it shows old update info from 13.07.will I ever receive this package

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