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Package returned from Beijing Exchange Station for the third time.


My package is keep circling around Beijing Post International and Beijing Exchange Station. And the seller website sent me a e-mail that my package has arrived in destination country. And China is not the destination country. Please tell me why it is keep repeating. Thanks
Tracking code is RB813491574SG

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According to the latest tracking information, it will leave China in the following days and returned back:
2019-09-18 21:34 - Beijing, leaving the Beijing Exchange Station, the next stop ,Beijing Post International (via transfer)

The destination country for this tracking number is China. Do you mean China is not the destination country?
Hi Daisy. I have ordered from Aliexpress, and destination country supposed to be Mongolia.
You'd better contact the seller to give you a solution or open a dispute to get refund if you couldn't receive it within the promised time.
Hi there,
I've 2 packages ordered and am tacking them daily. One package seems to be fine, however, package LO495393853CN seems to have been returned to the exchange station. Is there a problem with the package? Any info would be appreciated,
Many thanks,
Hi Fiona M,

It will be checked again and sent. Better track it in the following days to see.

ED236604539IN Is my package... it says it is sending down south but I am up north in Shandong only 6 hours from Beijing where it is located. Can you tell me what city it will go to and when will I get it?
In my tracking of RE006546117CN it gives me this status - Beijing, Beijing International Mail Exchange Station Returned. What does this mean? Is my package going back to seller?
Thanks for time and consideration.
Thanks in advance for answer.

It didn't pass the customs' check on March. 1 and will be checked again in the following days. You need to continue track it to to see.

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