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Package Status


My tracking is CH128822962US, my package has been on hold with customs since early April its been over a month about to be 2 months. I have tried to resolve this with the aliexpress vendor but I am getting the run around. Its a wig I purchase that didn't fit so I was returning the wig per their instructions. They are telling me that customs told them that due to Covid customs does not accept imported human wigs, and they think the package is beyond the scope of personal application. I don't know how much of that I believe, I mean its a wig you can't get covid from hair but ok whatever she said that customs was going to return the item to me so I asked for tracking for the shipment coming back. She gave me this tracking number EW0954330FR, upon checking the tracking number, that is not my package that tracking is for a package going from France to China so I knew it was bogus. I told her that was not my tracking number so she suppose to be doing further research but at this point I'm not believing anything she is saying anymore. How can I find out if the package is actually on it's way back to me or how can I resolve this myself. I am getting no where with this vendor and I don't want to loose my money. I am beyond frustrated please provide some guidance and status of my package Thank you

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Hi donishanp,

It may be stuck at the customs for long or returned back to you later. If the receiver in China doesn't require it back to you, it may be processed by the customs self.

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