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Same status for 20 days


My order ID is LP00061135117884 .. my order status is not updating and package location is unknown please check my package status ..

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It's an order ID instead of a China Post package tracking number. So, I couldn't help you track it. Please provide the correct tracking number here.
Sorry that is not ORDER ID it is tracking number which i have provided
Is this package sent out from China to other countries? Which carrier do they use? China Post package tracking number should be consisted of 13 characters with 9 numbers in the middle. Like this: RS123456789CN. Your's is not in the correct format.
Regarding tracking number UT217040287CN. Can you please find my package, it's been in same location for 4 weeks and no movement. When can I expect to receive it.
Hi Gildardo ,

It's stuck there. I don't think you could get it. Better contact the seller to give you a solution as soon as possible.
Hi, my order LO995386839CN has been in the same place since the 11th of April and the seller has no idea why this has happened, could I have any information on this please?
I need my package to come before Christmas December 24, my package is still not leaving China and I’m worried that I will have to ask for a refund, I’m very disappointed honestly. Someone please help me!

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I am expecting a delivery in the UK and tracking it shows that the status hasn’t changed for 10 days.
Tracking No LA986806060CN
Last status change was:
2020-05-15 19:38 Dongguan, delivered to air transport

Please can you help me with any information on this, it is a Birthday present and I would like to know if it will get to me before the birthday?

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Does that means that the item is being sent to my country? How much time should I wait for the status to change? Since it has been 20 days already. Should I wait 10 days more?
The tracking code is RV437907973CN
Thank you

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