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Package still not delivered


Item is still not delivered your tracking shows the following. I am unable to claim compensation or a refund for this item until it has been proven as being delivered (seller is probably a scammer). Please advise what you are doing with this item (described as unknown yellow colour circle of metal).
Thank you for your help.

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Hi SDal,

What's the destination?

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my package states it was delivered but i believe it was delivered to the wrong address i checked with my local postal services they have not had the package i am wondering where my package was delivered to as i have also checked with neighbors no one has received it. I also have video Surveillance so i know my package was not delivered to my house.

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Tracking shows package delivered 12/27.
No package was delivered.
No package was delivered to my neighbors.
No package was stolen.
I have cameras on driveway/ sidewalk/ entry.
Where is my package?

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This month of May I have 2 packages marked as delivered and I never seen my packages at my house .

My 1st package AG297315425CN was "delivered " on May 9th 10 am , so looking at the video nobody made any delivered at that time on my house ,my mail was delivered around 1:30 ! 

So now the 2nd package AG075196164CN , this one it is even worst, it says it was "delivered" on May 29th monday , memorial day weekend , as far as I know USPS didn't work yesterday but my package was marked as delivered at 9:10 am , but I track my shipment at 7am !!!! 


Please can you take a look at this .

Appreciate you taking your time for this matter .

Thank you very much ,

Rafael de Oliveira.

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