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Parcel tracking


Parcel Code: RV940509414CN

Looks like my parcel doesn’t have any update from 26 June. Last update is “delivering to airline transportation “. Is it because my parcel left from China? Can I learn why there is no update from my parcel ?

Thank you

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When a package left China and on the way to the destination country, tracking information will be stopped updating for 10-30 days. When it arrives, there will be further update. Your package should be on the way to your country now. There is also another situation that it's stuck at the airport and waiting for the right air now.
My package has not been delivered as stated on the Royal mail London tracker. I would like to know why its taking so long and its an express tracking number is LL382729560CN
Hi eniola rufus,

It was delivered successfully on June 11. If you don't get it, please contact Royal Mail or the seller to reflect the problem:
2019-06-11 11:34
Uk has signed off

2019-06-10 20:50
Leave the UK

2019-06-10 20:50
The border clearance has been completed

2019-06-10 09:55
Reached the place of arrival

2019-06-06 13:15
Delivered to airline transport

2019-06-06 11:09
Leave Guangzhou International, next stop , Guangzhou Exchange Station

2019-06-06 05:31
Guangzhou International has been exported directly sealed

2019-06-06 01:02
Arriving at Guangzhou International

2019-06-05 23:14
Leave the International Express Flower Land Bay Collection and Investment Department, the next stop "Guangzhou International"

2019-06-05 22:44
International Express Flower Land Bay Tadmission department has received the receipt
After a parcel arrives at a waypoint, SA warehouse how long does it take to get delivered?

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