Asked by Maria | 6/4/2020 8:48:10 PM

Dear Sirs,
We are in the process of sending 6 boxes measuring 550mmx350mmx400m from Beijing to Qingdao. Could you please let me know what are your prices? Do you charge by volume or weight? If by weight, how much is it per kilo, and by volume what are the measures? Also, will you be able to come and collect the boxes? If so, do we have to go to the office afterwards to weight the boxes, fill in the paperwork and pay for the service? I would appreciate it if you can let us know as soon as possible as we would like to do this next week.

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Hettie 6/6/2020 6:43:16 AM

Hi Maria,

You can contact China Post service number 11185 to let them pick up at your place or take them to the post office to send. You'd better let a Chinese friend to call for you if you couldn't speak Chinese. If there is CaiNiaoYiZhan near your place, you can also takes them there to send.

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