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Asked by Michael Tandinata | 4/7/2020 7:19:06 AM

Hi, my tracking number is: LO853057539CN

It’s been 3 times that my package had returned back and forth between Beijing and Zhengzhou.

Now my package stuck in Zhengzhou for 10 days with no movement.

I contacted the seller and they informed me that China Post tried to send my package couple times but failed.

Please let me know what is happening and I need a SOLUTION how can I make my package go into the next flight.

Track Your Package

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Daisy 4/7/2020 7:53:15 AM

Hi Michael Tandinata,

In this situation, you need to track it in the following days to see if it could pass the check and leave China susccessfully. If not, contact the seller give you a solution in time.

Kevin 4/7/2020 7:55:01 AM

Hello i have a ask for Max Package its Stuck for Export to Germany ! May Tracking Number is LO919613353CN

Please help Me.

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