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Question about my tracking


This is my tracking number EB754714959CN

Shipped with E-EMS

Its normal that i dont have any updates since the 17th?

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I asked you a question about a delay in the delivery of a package that I posted on 15th November 2016. Your reply was that I should call a phone number to find out myself. What then is the point in asking you a question if all you can do is provide a number that I cannot call from Ireland. Your service, and any answer you provide here is useless. Are you able to tell me in one sentence where my package RL612869563IE is and why it does not show a result when I enter it in the tracking form? Can you, in one sentence tell me what is wrong that it is not delivered almost two months later? If that is too hard a question to answer then close this forum because it is a very simple question.

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I already wrote my question, but took the wrong form and answered another question - sorry for that.
I just wanted to ask if my parcel already left China, since it says that it is in transit since May 7th. The tracking number is EA551182990CN
Thank you!

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