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Recieved package. Didn't order.


Need to know how item was paid for because I didn't order it. Has my address phone number. Not amused and concerned.

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Don't pay for it if you didn't order it. Just refuse to receive it when it's delivered to you.
I wasn't giving a choice. It was left in my mail box. My concern is how it was paid for????? Because it came to my address paid for! My question is who ordered thus in my name???
Hello I also received a package from you in a red box with a bracelet (pendant sofa cloud made with magnets)
Which I also never ordered. Can you explain?
Sender is: Han Jie 36-3-19, Majlapu West Road, FENGaidistrict beijingsh BEIJING 100068 CHINA
I ordered an electric 2 seater car and I haven't received it I got a bracelet I didn't even order so why do I do I need to know I don't want to be seen my car that I I got your car order not paid for
I received two packages today that I did not order, a cheap pair of sunglasses and a very thin "gold" wedding-band-type ring. Addressed to me, my address, my cellphone number on the package. No paperwork inside. I didn't order these. How do I find out where they came from?
Today a package was left in my mail box from you as well. Looks like a very thin gold wedding band which I certainly didn’t order. Why the heck someone would go through this much trouble and postage to send me something I didn’t order????
Hi Lico,

This may be the reason why you receive the item that you didn't order.

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Hi recieved a packet of sunglasses which I didnt order.
I order 2x white side-table with fridge. Been waiting over 4months. Id like my product I paid $80 for or a refund if somebody could please get back to me.
Im not impressed
Lz252036981cn tracking number

Kind regards

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Hi. I have received a package for an item I did not order (tracking number LX207932174CN).

This is for a ring that I didnt order and have not paid for. Please advise how I return the item and ensure the sender does not forward any more items to me.

I have also reported this to British Police/fraud squad.

Many thanks

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Im writting you because my package didnt came.
And contact is china post.
Do you have any answer for me why i didnt get the package?
i buy the package on amazon.

My id: 655224789
Juš Dolničar

Thanks for answering my questions

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