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Sending package from EU to CH


I want to sent a package to a friend in china, but I only have a chinese address. What is the best way to find the address in English since its so different from each other.

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Pack at sending center from a month (1 reply)

Hi, I'm waiting for a package from China, and it's at the "arrived at the sending center" from 18/12...
Does anyone know where this sending center is?
RV516308416CN this is my tracking number, thanks

How to order sending package from Zhangqi town Cixi 315313 to Qatar? (1 reply)

Hello, can someone give me instruction how to order sending parceč from small town, Zhangqi town, Cixi,Ningbo in Zheijang province, to Doha Qatar by air or EMS? I should send my personal belongings but in my China Post branch they arent sending abroad. I called 11183 but noone is speaking English. How much should I pay for air/EMS and how long will it last? Thank you in advance!

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Can i have the rate for sending a 4 package weighing 4 kg/box from China to Indonesia. Rate for EMS and Rate for normal airmail

Also can you recommend for me which one of them to use for sending a 4 package that contains a doll, a picture frame and a DVD album?

thank you.

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