shipment did not arrive after 1.5months

Asked by Laura | 12/15/2016 8:51:53 AM

My tracking number is RK522719971CN.
I fear my package was already in Germany, but was sent back. Is that correct? Can you tell me why? And how to proceed?
Thanks a lot,
kind reagrds,

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Daisy 12/15/2016 6:30:34 PM

Hi Laura,

Your package arrived Germany on Dec. 5 but not sure why it was returned back to China later. Now it's back in China now. The sender will receive it after several days. As you are in Germany, you can contact DHL Paket in your country to ask why it was returned back. Also, you should contact the sender to let him know it was returned and let him call China Post (11185) to ask what happened to the package.

Tracking result:
2016-12-15 14:50
Beijing Exchange Bureau, import each other (internal transit)

2016-12-15 13:33
Exchange Bureau in Beijing, has imported opening

2016-12-05 16:31
Niede Laura, have been exported directly

2016-11-22 14:04
Shanghai Qi Yun

2016-11-14 10:07
Shanghai Pudong, left hand navigation

2016-11-14 09:02
Shanghai Pudong, reach

2016-11-12 10:44
Exchange Bureau in Nanjing, has been exported

2016-11-12 09:12
Exchange Bureau in Nanjing, has been exported to open

2016-11-11 17:35
Nanjing post office mail advertisement Bureau, left, next stop "Central"

2016-11-11 16:53
Nanjing post office mail advertisement Bureau,

2016-11-11 16:26
Nanjing Bureau of post office mail advertisement has been accepted

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