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problems with a shipment LZ953950934CN


Hello I contact you for clarification about a shipment. The tracking code is LZ953950934CN .
It left on 06/07 from Guangzhou and then reached the international airport on 12/07 after the customs release and finally left. I expected it to arrive in Italy or at least in Europe instead the expedition reappears 18 days after 30/07 to Chuli Zhongxin again in China.
Now I would like to understand if there was any mistake, if I have to expect to see the shipment arrive sooner or later or if it is appropriate to request a refund from the seller who sent it to me.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to your reply

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Hi Tis,

It's in the middle location now. I suggest you wait for another 20-30 days to see if you could receive it. If no, request a refund from the seller.

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