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Problems with shipping LZ953950934CN


For the umpteenth time I contact you to ask you about my package!! Now I don’t want you to tell me where it is, that now I know is there since 02/08 is basically 20 days. What I want to know is if my reminders here are for something, She Daisy that every time I answer does something like contact the office where the package is and warn them of the problem or wash her hands? Otherwise, give me an e-mail address to write to get this blessed package back from that warehouse or at least tell me the truth about what’s going on. Do not answer me to be patient or wait I wrote to but I had no answer now I am waiting for answer from Italian post that have cleared the 07/07, what I want from you in concrete that you do something or that you give me an address where someone definitely answers me!!! thanks

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Hi Tia,

Is this an order from a seller. If so, contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution from the seller.

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