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shipment to Mexico


I would like you to tell me the cost of the shipment to Guadalajara, Mexico.
Currently my things are in Tianjian, China (on the campus of Tianjin University).
Therefore how much would it cost to collect it and send it? About 60kg (only clothes, shoes, jewelry)

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Hi Paulina Muro,

You need to take them to the post office to send and get a quotation.
Does the merchandise have to go with some specification? (sizes of boxes, could it go in suitcases?, etc) my merchandise is clothing and accessories.
Hi Paulina Muro,

It couldn't go in suitcases. Each package should less than 20kg and the size limit is: Greatest dimension should be less than 1.05 meters and and length + maximum package circumference should be less than 2 meters.

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