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Status of E-packet en route to country of destination twice?


My tracking number is LO832009793CN bound for Australia. I asked my seller last March 4, 2020 on what it meant that my package was returned by the Beijing International Mail Exchange. He told me that it's being shipped from China to Australia. I checked back March 11, 2020 and it says again it's enroute to country of destination. I'm confused as to what's happening to my package.

Departed 【Beijing international TianDuChuLi ZhongXin 】, Next stop 【Beijing International mail exchange 】( Transit ),Beijing,

Beijing international TianDuChuLi ZhongXin 】 Departure from outward office of exchange,Beijing,

Beijing international TianDuChuLi ZhongXin 】 Returned ,BeiZhu:AnJian Returned,Beijing,

【Beijing International mail exchange 】 Returned,Beijing,

Already handed over to airlines for transportation,Beijing,

【Beijing international TianDuChuLi ZhongXin 】 Departure from outward office of exchange,Beijing

Arrived 【Beijing airport 】( Transit ),Beijing,

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Hi MarieG,

According to the latest tracking information, it didn't returned back but sent again to Australia. But it's still in China now. You need to continue to track it to see if it could be left China successfully.

Me puede apoyar que significa lo siguiente? traking LZ543238811CN

2020-12-22 06:09:40 Beijing City , Departed 【Beijing International mail exchange 】, Next stop 【Beijing international TianDuChuLi ZhongXin 】( Transit )Beijing City
2020-12-21 23:29:55Beijing City ,【Beijing International mail exchange 】 ReturnedBeijing City
2020-12-20 23:37:22Beijing City , Handed over to Forwarding Agent for TransitBeijing City
2020-12-20 14:13:18Beijing City ,【Beijing international TianDuChuLi ZhongXin 】 Departure from outward office of exchangeBeijing City
2020-12-19 10:02:42Beijing City , Arrived 【Beijing International mail exchange 】( Transit )Beijing City
2020-12-18 22:13:59Taiyuan city , Departed 【Shanxi JiDi Taiyuan HangKongYouJianJiaoHuanZhan】, Next stop 【Beijing International mail exchange 】Taiyuan city
2020-12-18 14:32:25Taiyuan city , Arrived 【Shanxi JiDi Taiyuan HangKongYouJianJiaoHuanZhan】Taiyuan city
2020-12-16 12:19:18Taiyuan city , Departed 【Taiyuan city JiDiShiYeBuGuoJiYingXiaoZhongXin】, Next stop 【Taiyuan city 】Taiyuan city
2020-12-16 12:12:16Taiyuan city ,【Taiyuan city JiDiShiYeBuGuoJiYingXiaoZhongXin】 item collected , The postman :HeXiuLong,DianHua:13754860900Taiyuan city

It was handed over to the carrier transport on Dec.24 and usually takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in Mexico after it was handed over to the carrier transport. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If there is no update in two months, you need to contact the seller to get a solution as soon as possible.

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