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Trackin number


Hi my TN is LK062196143CN but I see no info about my item.
Thanks for the help.

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Hi Luis,

This is the tracking information from USPS. It left China on Nov. 5 and in transit to US now. You needto wait about 15 days for it to reach. I'll inform you here once it's in US.

2016-11-05 01:27--Origin Post is Preparing Shipment, We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.
2016-11-05 01:27--CHINA, SHENZHEN EMS, Processed Through Facility
2016-11-04 17:43--CHINA, Acceptance
Thanks for help admin hope it gets here ASAP. Thanks again.
MY tracking number is LX215567393CN, I can seem to trace my packet
Hi lisaem74,

Here is the tracking result for your packet, it just left China on Nov. 22.

2016-11-22 17:54
Guangzhou Customs clearance

2016-11-22 09:06
Guangzhou, left Guangzhou to London Heathrow airport hub

2016-11-19 05:04
Guangzhou, to the customs

2016-11-19 03:03
Guangzhou, Guangzhou postal EMS the company's international business branch has been received
Hi Luis,

It arrived in US on Jan. 1st. USPS is processing it. You will get it in the next few days:

2017-01-01 05:10 --CHICAGO, IL 60701, Arrived at USPS Facility, Your item arrived at our USPS facility in CHICAGO, IL 60701 on January 1, 2017 at 5:10 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.

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Hi my TN is LK062196143CN but I see no info about my item.
Thanks for the help.

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