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Tracking information about my parcel


I would like to know if my parcel package was delivered to its destination XP Jewelry 5-F6513,Building 6,Internet Base A Baoyuan Rd.
518000 Shenzhen,BAO"AN DISTRICT
Its tracking number is CV040733052US
It says that it arrived on May 13,2016 !8:02 at(Xixiang branch) posted council

Thank You

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Hi Cheryl,

In China Post tracking system, I found your package has been in China Post Xi Xiang Branch of Shenzhen since May 13. It shows the package is waiting the receiver to pick. You'd better contace the reciever and let him/her to go to Xi Xiang Branch to pick it up as soon as possible. Or, they will return it back to you a few days later if they find no one to pick it.

I found China Post Xi Xiang Branch is located at No.21-23 Long Yin Road, Xi Xiang Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen.
Hello Mark,
Thank you for finding my package at the China Post Xi Branch.I have contacted the owner of the company and apparently he has not made any effort in picking it up and he is on vacation so I"am not very happy with the way he runs his business so if you can tell the post office that I would like to have my package shipped back to me ASAP.That would be great!My question is would I still have the same tracking number or a different one for sending it back?I would like to keep tracking it.

If there is no one to pick it up, several days later, it will be returned to you. The tracking number will be the same. In general, it needs a long time for a package to return back.

If you are urgent, you can contact China post by calling 0086-11185 and tell them you want it return back. But I'm afraid they couldn't speak English. So, if you have friends in China, you'd better let them help to call in China (call 11185 directly) .
Hello Mark,

The phone number that my Chinese friend called only says Your call cannot be completed as dialed.She cannot get the call connected is there another number for the Post Office?
I sent a package since 7th of February 2016 from Houston Texas to the below address
Amy C-P
6B201, xintuo Garden, Shixia North 1st street futian , Shenzhen Guangdong China 518000 tel 755-83389366
Up till now, the package has not been received the USPS tracking no is LN394506763US and the post office in USA said the package is already in China.
Kindly confirm please and get back asap.

Thank you.
Hi Mark,
We are having a problem with the phone number that you gave us can you tell us how to dial that number and are there any prefix?

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