Tracking says: Electronic Data Received (for 3 weeks)

Asked by Enrique | 12/27/2016 4:18:49 AM

Package RS506978703CN has been since December 9th (almost 3 weeks ago) with an unchanging status of Electronic Data Received.

Sender says status is unchanged because "busy season" and China Post has not had time to change the status. I think this is an excuse, as three weeks is far too long not to even acknowledge it has been taken to China Post offices.

I sent another package from another site with china post too with the same type of shipping, a few days later and it has been tracking properly.

I believe it means it has not even been shipped out.

What do you think?

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Daisy 12/27/2016 7:07:22 AM

There are two possible reasons for this:

The sender us ship to deliver it and doesn't register it. So, China Post doesn't provide tracking service for it. This is the reason why you couldn't get more details after it.

Another situation is that the sender doesn't sent it actually.

Enrique 12/27/2016 7:30:28 AM


Thanks for the reply.

I did not fully understand this part: "The sender us ship to deliver it and doesn't register it." Do you mean, they were cheap and did not pay for tracking?

In any case, in your opinion there are two options in my case:

1) the sender did not really use tracking, even though I paid for it

2) didn't actually send it


Daisy 12/27/2016 7:42:34 PM

1) The sender doesn't use air to deliver it. He uses the cheapest way which is by ship to deliver it and doesn't pay for the registration fee for it.
Hope you could understand.

Enrique 12/28/2016 4:09:15 AM


Thank you. Very clear now.

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