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Transiting via transit airport?


Hi, my parcel LZ391429356CN was ordered in September for delivery to the UK. On 11th November, I see 2 messages: firstly 'arrived at destination', but then followed by another update saying 'transiting via transit airport', with no updates since. Has my parcel been sent to another country? Can you clarify when it will arrive in my country?

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LZ968287125CN That’s is my tracking number , I have no idea where it is or how long it will take to arrive . Can someone please help ?
Hi, my tracking code is LZ989759749CN. Has it arrived in the UK yet?
Hi Mohanad,

It's in the middle transit station now. You'd better wait for more days to see it arrives in UK.
my package says transiting via transit airport.. any clues where is my package? EV737318224CN
My tracking code is EV737031813CN I have yet to hear any update it just says “transitsting via transit airport” for over a month now? What does this mean and how much longer do I need to wait, this was supposed to be a 2 week delivery
I have 3 packages, all are saying Transit in transit station since 23/7 that is 4 weeks with no update since, does that mean my packages are lost?

Hi Daisy!

Tracking number - LZ965966812CN

The last update for my parcel was 'transiting via the transit airport' nearly one month ago.
Has the item been lost, or can you see where it is?

Many thanks :)
Hi please help!!

My order LZ961321785CN Has said Transiting via the transit Airport for a month now where is it
Where is my parcel now?
How long will it be in transiting at transit airport
What does “ transiting Villa transit airport“ mean? I was told 2 to 4 weeks for delivery and it has been almost a month. Am I to expect the shipping process to go faster now?

LV281792679CN please can you track my order and tell me where it is??

My package LV286530989CN after being sent by the airline it has been stuck for a week in the “Transiting via the transit Airport” can you give me further information on the delivery time?
Why has my package been in transit via transiting airport for 70 days how do I get it moving
Where exactly is my item LV317986149CN is it still in China or has it arrived because according to the royal mail tracking its still in China yet your tacking said it left the airport but now all it says is ti's in transit I need more information please it was due to on the 15th
I need to know where my parcel LV317986149CN is please has it reached the UK yet ?
Can someone please help me and tell me were my parcel is RV587046355CN please and thank you
What is transmitting through China mean
Hi Daisy, my order RV590229291CN says Transiting via the transit airport, can i get an update on what exactly is going on
My parcel number is LV331781588CN. Can I get an estimate as to when I will receive this parcel? I ordered it on the 1st Nov and it was shipped not long after…
i my order LV402315670CN taken on January 8, 2022 my tracker say « Transiting via the transit Airport » since 8 days rn do you know when my package come in france ?
i my order LV402315670CN taken on January 8, 2022 my tracker say « Transiting via the transit Airport » since 8 days rn do you know when my package come in france ?
Please can you tell me where my parcel is? The tracking number is LV411724200CN. Is it in the UK yet?
Many thanks.
What does transiting via transit airport mean LV439474440CN
Transiting via the transit Airport
Will it take much longer
LV656423868CN Hey there I’ve gotten no updates since it said “transiting via the transit airport for 9 days

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