Trying to track a package (China to US)

Asked by JK39 | 6/30/2018 9:10:46 AM

Hello - I am trying to track a package. When I follow the tracking number, it has been in the same status for days. Could you help provide more information?
Thank you,

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Daisy 7/1/2018 6:16:09 PM

Hi JK39,

According to the latest tracking information, your package has left China on June 29 and it's on the way to United States now. When the package leaves the original country and on the way to the destination country, there is no information in tracking system. More update will be shown when it arrives in your country. This usually takes 5- 15 days. Wait patiently.

2018-06-29 02:57 - Shanghai, leaving Shanghai for JFK Airport in New York City

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