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Waiting on package


Still waiting on an order, it’s been over a month now. How long does shipping take to Australia? It’s says my package is “cleared and awaiting international departure in Guangzhou, China” and hasn’t moved since October 8th

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Hi Kristy,

Please provide the tracking number in order to check it for you.
Tracking number is LV599480462CN

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Im waiting a package since 29 january.
The seller told me that was resend and since 2017-03-16 the tracking stucked (太原Transit Station import customs cleared (domestic transit ))

Can you help me anyway to understand where is the package. im waiting for it 4months.

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Hello I'm sending this message because I'm still waiting on my package, the tracking number is (LT432118157CN) from what i can see is that my package has been sitting somewhere since 3-22-2019 and not moving. It is the 18th of April and I am still waiting on my package. There is no movement at all so what is going on!? Can someone please help me and let me know where my package is or what happened to it.

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I have been waiting for packages since November and would like to know what has been Going on with my packages. I keep contacting the sellers but they lead me
To False information, i would just like to know where
My packages are.

The Tracking Numbers are

LY925106320CN ,Ordered on 11/4/21 ,still waiting

LY952573998CN, Ordered on 12/10/21, still waiting

LY948734504CN, Ordered on 12/3/21, still waiting
If there’s any solution to this please help. Thank you.

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