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What does it mean when it says Plan to pay airline Transportation?


item RV615814056CN says "[Guangzhou] airline has to pay transportation", what does it mean??? f I need to pay a fee can I be informed and will the parcel still come to me?

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The last information shows it's ready for ship by air:
2019-02-20 09:52 - Shipped by airline

You don't need to pay a fee at present. If you need to pay a fee when it arrives in your country, you will get a notice.
How long does it take for this airline transportation to take place am I ever going to get my order?
I would like to buy things from China about 500 euros value but I would like to to know who much will be the custom fees. I live in Greece.

Thank you in advance.

As far as I know, if it's over 22 euros, it will be taxed.

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